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    Introduction to the brand

    Quanzhou wan gains energy saving technology co., LTD2009Years2Month was established,(Stock code:680063)National incubator base is located in quanzhou city economic and technological development zone hi-tech park,Is a professional engaged in research and development of environmental protection and energy saving products、Production、Sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises。

    Company to equity2013Years on display in the center of the channel equity trading。Won the multifunctional direct drinking tap products of the company2013In the national small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund project,2013Years won the Chinese water industry top ten innovative brand of honor, 2014Years won the science and technology enterprises in fujian province,High and new technology enterprise,Innovative enterprises in fujian province,Intellectual property advantage enterprises in fujian province,2015Years9On the one-piece composite double membrane filter stable won the national quality inspection qualified products、The national quality integrity typical benchmarking enterprise certificate...

    Companies adhere to science and technology as the power、Seek development by innovation,Welcome new and old customers to negotiate。

    Focusing on water treatment equipment and related emerging field,Won the one hundred many national patents。 

    The mission is a fundamental enterprise、The most valuable、High responsibility and mission


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    The ground The address:Quanzhou city in fujian province economic and technological development zone west inscription mansion, chung cheung street
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